Lockdown offers writers a route to publishing success

Budding writers who want to end the tedium of the lockdown now have an ideal opportunity to write a best-selling novel.

“The lockdown provides at least one of the critical elements of writing a novel and that is the time to write,” says renowned South African writer of best – selling novels and biographies, Mike Nicol.

In the time between writing his own highly successful crime and literary novels, commissioned memoirs and biographies of famous South Africans – including the best-selling authorised portrait of Nelson Mandela – Mike has honed his skills as a sought after writing teacher. 

Now he has developed a step-by-step online course to share his skills as a writer. The highly interactive course takes 11 weeks, and includes videos, a wealth of research, examples from successful writers, assignments, and the opportunity to interact with other writers.

“It’s all very well to want to write,” says Mike, “but unless you learn the basics your best efforts are, nine out of 10 times, bound to fail.

It’s like learning the piano; you can teach yourself, but if you want to be really successful you have to learn the basic techniques.

“For a writer, these include defining the plot, deciding on what it is that you want to write, – thrillers, romance, speculative fiction – learning to develop characters and, most difficult of all, learning to write authentic dialogue.

“These and other essentials are the foundations of this writing course,” says Mike.

For the past 20 years Mike has been teaching creative writing techniques, initially to university students and then online. He also works as an editor for several publishers.

 “I’ve thought a lot about writing over the years – and before that as my writing career dates back a long way – so this course is the product of what I’ve learned and encountered.

“I’ve had to deal with all the problems that aspiring writers experience and developed this course as a toolbox of the techniques that will help them to become disciplined, dedicated writers on the way to a publishing career.”

Students who sign on for the course – the first of which is “Writing Fiction” and starts on 29 June 2020 .

“You will begin by selecting a genre. Then we’ll look at developing characters and at writing punchy dialogue, before getting to grips with crafting dramatic opening paragraphs and developing your writer’s voice; and that all important task of rewriting,” says Mike.

Writers who have published books after taking Mike’s courses include Qarnita Loxton who said, “Mike Nicol’s creative writing course changed my life. I am now a published author.” And Karen Rutter who said, “Mike supervised my Masters in Creative Writing degree at UCT – and he was brilliant.”

For more information click here: see http://test.writeonline.pro

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email: mike@writeonline.pro


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